HART-Ethernet Converter Multi

(HART-Ethernet Converter Multi)

The EM203A HART CONVERTER device is a HART protocol converter to MODBUS TCP or MODBUS RTU over TCP, through which the readings of an arbitrary HART device (transmitter, flowmeter, etc.) can be monitored via PLC or PC directly via an Ethernet network or over the Internet.

The converter can be connected to eight HART devices in "multidrop" mode, with their polling address being between 1 and 15. If the HART device is only one, its number can be 0 to 15. Data retrieval period is equal to the number of devices multiplied by 1.5 seconds.

The HART converter has two autonomous (ethernet) channels, each of which has its own own settings (IP, port, Modbus number, etc.) and can be connected to two different (physical and logical) networks.

The setting of the converter is done via web interface by web browser. Default addresses are for "channel 1" and for "channel 2".

The data read by the HART device are as follows:

  • Current output value in mA (float IEEE754)
  • First parameter value (Pv) (float IEEE754)
  • Second parameter value (Sv) (float IEEE754)
  • Third parameter value (Tv) (float IEEE754)
  • Fourth parameter value (Fv) (float IEEE754)
  • UOM codes for the four parameters
  • Status

Technical parameters:

Power Supply 9 - 30 V DC
Consumption max 150 mA at 24VDC
Power max 4 W
Working Temperature Range -20 to +50 o C
Number of HART devices 8
Ethernet ports 2 x 10/100 Mbps
Size 35 x 94 x 77 mm
Installation DIN rail