Ethernet <=> 6 x RS232(2xRS485)

(General View)

The module is designed to connect up to six devices equipped with a serial communication channel RS232 or RS485 to local Ethernet networks.

Its compact size and its diverse capabilities make it convenient to provide access to the devices at a great distance over the Internet, as well as from any point on a connected local area network.

An unlimited number of RS232 / RS485 ports can be provided by cascading on CONCENTRATOR 1xRS232<->6xRS232.

All ports are galvanically separated from each other as well as from the power supply.

Configuration and tuning of the converter is done through specialized software, which comes with the converter.

The supply voltage is from 9 to 30 VDC and a maximum power consumption of less than 1 watt.

The overall dimensions of the case are WxHxD - 70x120x50mm. Designed to be mounted on a euro rail (DIN rail).