PLC Sigma S664-GSM

(PLC Sigma S664-GSM)

The S-664-GSM microcontroller is designed for monitoring and control of technological processes. The controller has 6 digital, galvanically isolated inputs, 4 transistor outputs and 6 analogue inputs, which may be configured for different types of signals, such as current, volt / milvolt or TSP in depending on the specific needs of the application.

Access to the information contained in the device is provided by means of an two-line LCD display - 2x16, 5 button keyboard as well as an LED indication of the state of digital inputs and outputs.

The controller has a RS232 serial channel for communication with other devices on a RJ11-6 telephone jack. Optionally, the controller is also designed with a second one asynchronous channel supporting RS485 and HART standards, both can work simultaneously. The second serial channel is output to RJ11-4 connector on the front panel.

The controller also has a GSM / GPRS modem which can be used to connect to a server or another device via public GSM / GPRS networks or over the Internet.

Programming the device is through a dedicated software package running on standard PC.

The device has software that allows it to be connected to an operator station and to different "slave" devices. It also supports all the functionality of GSM-GPRS Communicator